These are the main issues that CARA focuses on. CARA is keen to hear feedback about these or other issues that are important to residents and visitors :


CARA supports the maintenance and development of Canbury Gardens and other amenities in our area for the benefit of residents and visitors who use those amenities. CARA maintains contact with the council officers and maintenance contractors responsible for these, and with the businesses and sports clubs operating within the Gardens, and with other organisations active within the CARA area. CARA committee members have representation on the Canbury Gardens Working Party, the Leander Sea Scouts, North Kingston Forum, and the Thames Landscape Strategy, and keep regular contact with Canbury Pavilion Trust, the Thames Boat Project, Kingston Rowing Club, Kingston Riverside Tennis Club and local schools. CARA seeks to improve the local environment, through projects and volunteer activities like litter-picking and bulb planting.


CARA puts significant efforts into the local planning process and got closely involved with the Sainsbury's development on the former British Gas site. Another area of concern is the planned Hotel development on the remainder of the Power Station site (due to its size, traffic implications, electric light pollution into Canbury Gardens and the general impact on the tranquillity of the gardens), the Rockware Plastics housing development and the multi-story car-park on the Skerne Rd surface car park site. The Rotunda leisure establishment near Kingston Railway Station had similar implications and CARA believes the Council should consider all of these planning applications as a whole rather than on their individual merits.


CARA is committed to the reduction of both the speed and volume of traffic in the area. CARA supports the view that the riverside area is a spectacular beauty spot and should not be ruined by traffic. More priority needs to be given to pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging vehicles to slow down or avoid the area. Congestion, speeding vehicles and subsequent safety issues, especially on sunny weekend days, are matters that continue to receive CARA focus.


CARA work with both the Council and Police to minimise anti-social behaviour. Kingston Police can be contacted on 020 8541 1212 or through their website at Kingston anti-graffiti hotline is on 020 8547 4646 or email


With the warm summer nights comes a problem for residents living near Canbury Gardens – late night revellers, complete with their own refreshments, carousing well into the early hours. If CARA residents are disturbed by this, they should call the duty officer at Kingston Police Station on 020-8541-1212. All calls are logged and if multiple residents complain, we’re more likely to see some Police action.


If you are affected by aircraft noise, please contact BAA on their 24 hour complaints line 0800 344844.


This is particularly an issue for residents living to the north of the CARA area (nearest Ham). Battersea Heliport has changed ownership from GKN to the Harrods group of companies who are promoting more flights. Noise can be a particular problem during the week of Farnborough Airshow (late July). The Dept of Transport Helicopter complaint line is on 020 7944 5462. The Civil Aviation Authority can also be contacted on 020 7379 7311. Both are helpful and take residents complaints very seriously.