Spring 2018 2

Canbury Gardens

Canbury Gardens is the park at the heart of the CARA area.  The park and the facilities within it are popular and well used by local residents and visitors.  The facilities include a small children’s play area, a bandstand which has a concert each Sunday in the summer, the Canbury Secret café (April to November), picnic tables, the Boaters Inn, anglers fishing along the riverbank, open areas for informal games, and - for more formal sports - public tennis courts, a tennis club (Kingston Riverside Club) and Kingston Rowing Club.

For gardening enthusiasts there is Canbury Community Garden in the former gardeners’ yard, and there is Canbury Pavilion, a community resource which you can use for parties or to host a regular class or gathering.


Canbury Gardens Working Party

A CARA representative sits on Canbury Gardens Working Party, which considers how the Gardens are maintained and major improvement projects.


CARA Friends of the Gardens

CARA FoG is a sub-group, within CARA, that links to other groups that seek to protect and enhance green spaces. From time to time CARA FoG organises projects to enhance Canbury Gardens, such as bulb planting or litter-picking.


Thames Landscape Strategy

TLS manage regular Scrub Cutting along the riverbank through Canbury Gardens. A TLS project was responsible for the information display about testing Sopwith float-planes on the river beside the Gardens. It stands just inside the north entrance to the gardens.

CARA has worked with the TLS for many years, and has a representative on their Community Advisory Group.