CARA Friends of the Gardens

In November 2015 CARA Committee formed a new sub-group, CARA Friends of the Gardens (CARA FoG) to facilitate applying for funding for some planting in Canbury Gardens. The wider aim was to protect and enhance our local green space, Canbury Gardens, working with CARA, the Council, its contractors, the Canbury Gardens Working Party, funding bodies and other interested parties to achieve this.

CARA FoG is signed up to the London Friends of Greenspaces Network (LFGN), the London network for Friends and User Groups of all green open spaces, and attends some of its meetings.

Canbury Gardens is Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) which gives it some protection.  Also see a report from 2016 on the threat to London's green spaces. 

CARA has a long history of voluntary work, and CARA FoG organises work in the Gardens (litter-picking, bulb-planting, wild-flower seeding, etc.).


CARA Fog members developed the disused gardeners' yard (pictured left) in Canbury Gardens into a community garden - growing vegetables, and herbs. This has developed into a highly successful, independent Canbury Community Garden. (pictured right)

If you are interested in getting involved with this, please join the Canbury Community Garden Facebook page where you will find the details of their activites.