Canbury Gardens: progress but continuing problems 

The council has installed new high level gates at the vehicle entrances to Canbury Gardens, to reduce the risk of unauthorised entry by large vehicles or caravans. The yellow gates have been repainted in black. The lower gate in the picture, left) at the north end of the gardens is still frequently left open. The council has promised new signs, and is reviewing the possibility of a self-closing barrier, but that would require significant outside funding.

The council are still seeking more effective ways to reduce the litter problem that occurs particularly on warm weekends.

The all-weather sports pitch next to the pavilion is now open, and in frequent use.


Consultation on the Masterplan for Canbury Gardens 

We understand that we will be given feedback from the various consultations on the Masterplan in February 2020.


Planning: see current planning issues

Parking: see current parking issues