Current Parking Issues

Albany Park Road Controlled Parking Zone (APR CPZ).  CARA supports the majority of residents, who asked for this CPZ. However, some residents in the area to the east of Richmond Road asked for the APR CPZ to be rescinded, despite it providing an essential parking place for parents collecting children from the nearby schools. While council officers did not support rescinding APR CPZ, it is still part of the ongoing discussions of parking in the area, despite the new PPA (Permit Parking Area) that has been established to the east of Richmond Road. We understand that the matter of declassifying APR as a CPZ is scheduled as an item for the town council meeting on Tuesday 22nd January 2019.


Resident Parking Permits for Visitors - Scratchcards   After many complaints from local people the paper parking permits for residents’ visitors (scratchcards) will not be phased out.  Don’t be put off by any suggestion that they are only for people “with no internet access”.  All CPZ residents can call the parking phone line - 020 8547 1333 - and buy books of visitor parking scratch card permits (10x 6 hour permits per book) which are now £15 for each book.