An aspect of CARA’s objectives - the “protection and enhancement of amenities within the CARA Area” – can be significantly affected by planning decisions by Kingston Council. CARA seeks to ensure that relevant planning proposals are drawn to people’s attention to allow them to put their views to the Council before decisions are made. Where appropriate CARA can make a formal comment or objection to the Council.

Some current planning issues may be reported in the most recent CARA Newsletter or in CARA eNews, emailed monthly to CARA members.

CARA will also publicise planning applications for developments outside CARA area that may have significant impact for local residents, but normally North Kingston Forum will take the lead in commenting in such cases. CARA has representatives on North Kingston Forum.

CARA has a representative on the council’s Conservation Area Advisory Committee, to monitor all planning applications within the CARA area. The CAAC meets every month to review all ‘live’ planning applications in the conservation areas of Kingston. The CAAC support or refuse each application, and advise officers and councillors accordingly. Generally they accept CAAC’s advice but not always! Information on the CAAC and its remit are given on the council’s website.

CARA does not follow up minor planning applications – such as loft extensions – unless there is a potentially significant impact; conflict with Conservation Area status, for example. Residents should make their own representations about a planning application that may affect them directly to the council. If you wish to object to or comment on a planning application, to make your intervention effective you should follow the correct procedure, which is set out here.

All planning applications within 250 metres of a property can be reviewed here.

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